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After having spent many years helping to optimize baggage handling systems for airports such as Athens International Airport, Paris CDG and Delhi T3,

SIMCORE AIRPORT Division that has been renamed beginning of 2012 HUB Performance, has developed an easy-to-use passenger terminal capacity planning software, PAX2SIM. It has been successfully applied at London HR for the T2 Eastern Campus project and has been setup at Aéroporti Di Roma for the 3rd year.

“Introduction to smart planning” using PAX2SIM

The target is to provide a better way to plan and forecast needs. Airport planners are familiar with MS-Excel like static calculators but would like the strength of advance simulation software to calculate traffics and forecast better.
HUB Performance job has been to search for this ideal balance between “Easy to use”, “Accuracy of forecasts” and “price of the software” and brought to the Airport Planning Business the concept of the Terminal Smart Planning.

The same solution to perform long term, middle term and short term planning
PAX2ISM can be used to size new projects and specify needed space based on standards and capacity constraints. It is also used to plan and optimize existing operations in order to size resource needs function to passenger dwell time target.

Connection with real-time counting systems
HUB Performance close relationship with the firm Blue Eye Video the reference for crowd video counting and queue measurement has allowed us integrating real-time reports to feed PAX2SIM and compare forecast with real-time performance measurement in order to improve planning.

Security forecast