The dramatic rise in quality and efficiency requirements in airport operations incurred fast security measures enhancement. This in turn puts pressure on passenger service levels and retail income as a result of longer waiting times at check-in and security check points.

New projects arise. Each start-up needs to be a success. Lack of visibility forces Terminal Operation Managers to make decisions based solely on experience. New dynamics are difficult to measure and Managers need bridges to the future. Those briges can be in the form of capacity planning, HUB Performance main business.

Smart capacity planning using is a key step in achieving a good transition between existing and new systems, and provides a reliable way of checking alternatives and anticipating problems in order to elaborate the best solution. Furthermore, a good design and operational decision-support capacity planning tool has to be flexible and easy to use. It has to allow people not trained in simulation to profitably develop and use models by modifying parameters between runs.

That is indeed PAX2SIM advantage, HUB Performance innovative technology.

No code development is needed for obtaining advanced passenger dwell time forecast !