Pax Terminal Dwell Time Forecast with PAX2SIM

Forecast passenger waiting time with smart capacity planning PAX2SIM

Pax Terminal Dwell Time Forecast with PAX2SIM


Validate peak analysis base on aircraft movements in your terminal


BHS simulation

Validate your Baggage Handling System performance with 3D simulation module

BHS simulation

CALL3D BHS Designer

CALL3 & HUB Performance partnership to optimize BHS design using CALL3D BHS

CALL3D BHS Designer


Airport Consulting

HUB Performance consultants work together with their customers to define strategy, design and implementation of their production and distribution system. They are backed by tried and proven methodologies, software application for experts and leading-edge technologies.
HUB Performance consultants help you optimizing your investments whilst minimising risk and gaining invaluable time, giving their customers all the key cards in order to TURN YOUR IDEAS INTO THE RIGHT DECISION securely and serenely.

Project Approach

HUB Performance has acquired wide knowledge and experience in developing numerous projects in various industry fields, based on a team of expert consulting engineers for any production and distribution systems.

Consultants of HUB Performance:

  • Provide methodology advice and recommend the most relevant tools for the project
  • Gather the data needed for the study
  • Write out the functional and data specifications for the simulation
  • Develop the potential simulation model(s)
  • Carry out scenarios experimentation using a set of expert tools
  • Analyze results and recommend aternatives with their advantages and drawbacks; make recommendations
  • Write out the functional analysis of your systems
  • Train future users to operate the tool and its associated system

During your projects, the results of our studies will allow you understand better your airport system and choose the best alternative. You often wait the results with impatience and delays can have huge consequences.
The study has to be carried out very carefully, using expert tools.

HUB Performance has developed and experienced a methodology that ensures a careful management of your project with allotted time:

A good communication

HUB Performance’ consultants are attentive to your needs. The aim is to understand before being understood!
As many meetings as necessary are held to diagnose and validate the different objectives and phases of a project.

Rewriting of your needs

A graphic or analytical simulation is a virtual reproduction of a real system.
HUB Performance’ consultants rewrite your needs and present how each process will be modeled and defined. A set of documents give the necessary contract reference relating to the work to be done and stipulate each party’s commitments.

Expert tools mastery

HUB Performance is the distributor of the softwares used for its own studies.
HUB Performance’ consultants train the users, are involved in the software support and master all their functionnalities. Thus it allows them to apply the most efficient method to model and analyze your system.

Study of the system and results

The wide experience acquired by our consultants makes them provide running reports of your system for each alternative.
Involved in your project, HUB Performance’ consultants will help you improve the management of your flows, identify critical points and suggest relevant alternatives.