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Airport Industry

Supporting decision process with Planning , Simulation and Emulation

Airport are facing new challenges and need to react while fighting to maintain the best balance between service level to passengers and operations cost.
Worldwide or local crisis such Covid-19, increase pressure while Airports are in continous improvements to meet last securtiy standards and follow Airlines strategies?
Visibility is the key to turn ideas into the right decisions rather than making choices based solely on experience.  New dynamics are difficult to measure and Managers need bridges to the future. Those briges can be in the form of capacity planning, simulation and virtual commissioning, HUB Performance main business.

Understand and anticipate

Smart Capacity Planning and simulation

Smart capacity planning is a key step in achieving a good transition between existing and new systems, and provides a reliable way of checking alternatives and anticipating problems in order to elaborate the best solution. Furthermore, a good design and operational decision-support capacity planning tool has to be flexible and easy to use. It has to allow people not trained in simulation to profitably develop and use models by modifying parameters between runs.

Passenger Terminal Capacity Planning
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Baggage Handling System
HBS Machine Standard 3, replacement, New Baggage Handling System simulation and Virtual Commissioning
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CAST Terminal
Passenger Flow & Process 3D simulation
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CAST Aircraft
Aircraft traffic & Process simulation
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Smart Airport Toolkit


Evaluate schedule and estimate resource needs, waiting times

Passenger Terminal Simulation

Evaluate space and performances using CAST Terminal, 3D passenger simulation

Baggage Handling System

Evaluate BHS performances for new design, HBS Machine replacements with 3D simulation Support project handover with virtual commissioning​

Airside Simulation

Evaluate Parking stand and Aircraft movements on Airside. Understand impact of allocations using CAST AIRCRAFT and CAST Stand & Gate Allocation

While closing terminals and areas in order to optimize resources usage during Covid-19 crisis it remains important to understand impact of waiting times at check points to meet sanitary restriction as well as providing best passenger experience.

Baggage Handling screening machines need to be replaced with new standards. New technology in standard 3 requires system modifications taking into account longer operator review decision time.

Our Experts and Solutions allow building your BHS facility and evaluate performances per scenario. including failures and project  phasing scenario

While designing new system, project deadlines remains shorter and shorter but End-Clients require better quality. Baggage and Cargo Hub Systems require IT  controls to be tested in anticipation to reduce the risk of system failure and project late delivery. Virtual commissioning is the key to provide IT group digitial twin of material handling system.

Over 20 years supporting Airport project design and operations.

Forecasting with capacity constrains. Evaluating transportation times, resources needs, mitigation impact…

Optimize Passenger Experience

Digital solutions to forecast needs and evaluate before and during operations