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About Us

During more than 20 years HUB PERFORMANCE experts have been dedicated in supporting Industrial Systems Automation through the mean of Planning and 3D Simulation.
Our goal is to provide visibility in projects development from Design to Operations with Digital solution.
HUB PERFORMANCE supports Industry 4.0 transition.

Digital Twin

Provide Digitial Twin Solution and test Controls Systems before going to production in order to secure investements and reduce project delivery risks. Evaluate best operational strategies. Provide tranning and monitoring

Airport Capacity Planning

HUB Performance's Airport Experts main aim is to provide logistical decision support to companies in the airport sector through the provision of operations simulation, scheduling, optimization and planning solutions.



Material Handling and Process and Logistic  Simulation

Machine, Industrial,  Material Handling, Process and Logistic Simulation

Airprt Capacity Planning, Passenger Terminal and Baggage Handling System Simulation reporter

3D Passenger Terminal Simulation.

Aircraft Parking Stand and Airside allocation and planning

Controls Testing

Import 3D static CAD and build advance Kinematic. Communicate with PLC and HLC to controls models and test machine and system behaviours

Virtual Reality

Build 3D Models or Machines and Systems , visualize and navigate alone or in group in Virtual Reality using VR Headsets

Add-on to Solidworks, Inventor, Revit to visual CAD in Virtual Reality. Add and test Kinematics. Prepare mechanics before virtual commissioning

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Hub Performance

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